Sanrio Ocean Holiday Blind Box

by Sanrio
Type: Blindbox

Get ready for some beachy fun with Sanrio's Beach Holiday Blind Box Figure Collection! Each of the six adorable designs features your favorite Sanrio characters dressed in their own unique beach attire, relaxing in their very own opened seashell.

These blind box figures are perfect for collectors and fans of Sanrio characters. Each box contains one randomly selected figure, including one mystery design (Kuromi). Will you get your favorite character or discover a new favorite? The excitement of not knowing which figure you'll get adds to the fun!

The pastel color palette and beach-themed accessories make these figures perfect for displaying on your desk, bookshelf. These figures are also a great gift for anyone who loves Sanrio and cute collectibles.

Don't miss out on the fun of Sanrio's Beach Holiday Blind Box Figure Collection. Collect all six designs and the mystery figure to complete your collection of these adorable Sanrio characters in their very own seashells!

What is a Blind Box?
A Blind Box is a type of packaging used to conceal a collectible toy until it is opened. Typically, Blind Boxes are sold in series that showcase a collection of figurines, with some being more rare than others. The rarer figurines are often referred to as "secret", "hidden", or "chase" figures.

Note: Each full case in this series contains 6 unique figures that are not repeated. If there is a secret figure in the case, one of the basic figures will be randomly replaced for it. 


Customer Reviews

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Kayla Xiong
Very Adorable

I loved the figures. They are a very light pastel color, suitable for the eyes and also very aesthetic. Wish I could’ve gotten Kuromi though!