[KUJI RAFFLE EVENT] Sanrio Strawberry Kuji

by Sanrio
Type: Kuji

Tickets will be available for purchase on April 26th 2023 at 4:30PM Pacific Standard Time

Kuji draw is scheduled for April 28th 2023 at 4PM PST and will be live streamed on Instagram and TikTok (@sutekigifts)


There are a total of 70 prizes to be won in this Kuji. Each ticket will win you one random prize from this pool.

The special last prize will be given to the last name drawn on our live stream as a bonus.

List of prizes to be won:

Last Prize Item(s)
Seat Cushion* 1
Prize Quantity Winning Odds (%)
Prize 1 - Popcorn Machine 2 2.86%
Prize 2 - Strawberry Lamp 2 2.86%
Prize 3 - Crossbody Bag 4 5.71%
Prize 4 - HK Mascot 3 4.29%
Prize 5 - Melody Mascot 3 4.29%
Prize 6 - Kuromi Mascot 3 4.29%
Prize 7 - Hello Kitty 4 5.71%
Prize 8 - Melody Towel 4 5.71%
Prize 9 - Kuromi Towel 4 5.71%
Prize 10 - HK Keychain 4 5.71%
Prize 11 - Melody Keychain 4 5.71%
Prize 12 - Kuromi Keychain 4 5.71%
Prize 13 - White Tote Bag 6 8.57%
Prize 14 - Pink Tote Bag 6 8.57%
Prize 15 - Ceramic Plates 8 11.43%
Prize 16 - HK Floor Mat 3 4.29%
Prize 17 - Melody Floor Mat 3 4.29%
Prize 18 - Kuromi Floor Mat 3 4.29%


*Additional shipping cost is required for Last prize, Prize #1 and Prize #2

If discount codes are used, your order may be cancelled or the price difference will need to be paid off for the ticket to be valid.

What is Kuji?

Kuji is a popular type of sure-win lucky draw game in Japan where every ticket is a winner, and there is a selection of prizes available.

How do I play/enter the Kuji draw?

To enter the Kuji draw, you can purchase any number of tickets. The draw takes place on a scheduled live stream, where we reveal which prize you have won.

What if I'm away during the live draw?

If you are unable to join the live stream, please let us know via email or chat, and we will try our best to provide a screenshot of your pull.

How much is shipping?

We charge a flat rate for shipping each ticket, but the shipping costs may be adjusted depending on the prize that you have won. For larger prizes, additional shipping may be required.

**Strictly enforced rule for Kuji events: NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Efficient and Fun

The Kuji events keep getting better! Their system of making sure they have the correct order number, the person they draw is watching the live, and that pulling the last prize is done fairly. It is always a blast watching the Kuji events, even if I didn't purchase a ticket. :)

Maria Vazquez
kuji event

Hi, Everyone
It was super fun the best kuji, can't wait for the next kuji 💜💜💜😊

Adorable and fun!

It was super fun to participate in the live and it’s so interactive! I loved the prizes I got and I’m excited to participate in another one soon

Kuji Event

I like how everyone gets a prize! That’s the fun thing about a Kuji raffle! I loved the items I got!

Kaitlyn Resto
So fun!

This is my second time doing the kuji raffle and every time it’s so fun! No matter what prize you get it’s always cute and the lives are so fun to watch.