[KUJI RAFFLE EVENT] Sanrio Winter Kuji

by Sanrio
Type: Kuji

Tickets will be available for purchase on March 22nd 2023 - 4pm PST

Kuji draw is scheduled for March 24th, 2023 at 4pm PST and will be live streamed on Instagram and TikTok (@sutekigifts)


There are a total of 52 prizes to be won in this Kuji. Each ticket will win you one random prize from this pool.

List of prizes to be won:

Prize Item Quantity Winning
Last Prize Foot warmer cushion 1 1.92%
Prize #1 Large Fleece Blanket 1 1.92%
Prize #2 My Melody Plushie 3 5.77%
Prize #4 Cogimyun Plushie 1 1.92%
Prize #5 My Melody Tote 1 1.92%
Prize #7 Cogimyun Tote 1 1.92%
Prize #8, #9, #10 My Melo x6 / Cinna x1 / Cogi Mascots x6 13 25.00%
Prize #11, #12 My Melo x3 / Cinna Mirrors x3 6 11.54%
Prize #14 Container Sets 7 13.46%
Prize #18 Blue Towel 2 3.85%
Prize #19 Pink Towel 5 9.62%
Prize #17 Cogimyun Pouch 2 3.85%
Prize #20, #21, #22 Small Tote Bags (CN x2/MM x4/CM x3) 9 17.31%

*Extra shipping fees will apply for Prize #1

If discount codes are used, your order may be cancelled or the price difference will need to be paid off for the ticket to be valid.

What is Kuji?

Kuji is a popular type of sure-win lucky draw game in Japan where every ticket is a winner, and there is a selection of prizes available.

How do I play/enter the Kuji draw?

To enter the Kuji draw, you can purchase any number of tickets. The draw takes place on a scheduled live stream, where we reveal which prize you have won.

What if I'm away during the live draw?

If you are unable to join the live stream, please let us know via email or chat, and we will try our best to provide a screenshot of your pull.

How much is shipping?

We charge a flat rate for shipping each ticket, but the shipping costs may be adjusted depending on the prize that you have won. For larger prizes, additional shipping may be required.

**Strictly enforced rule for Kuji events: NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS

Customer Reviews

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Dargic Selin

You’re able to play kuji through the livestream, I find this concept amazing and really fun!! The prices are authentic and beautiful, would totally recommend joining the events